Celebrating National Welding Month

With how eventful 2018 has been so far, this first quarter of the year has flown by. The beginning of the second quarter of the year is always special to us though, because we kick ..

Agricultural Well Services

At Domer’s Inc. we understand that the livelihoods of many in the area depend on a consistent and dependable supply of ground water. Whether it be for watering crops or keeping livestock hydrated, having a ..

How Can A Well Become Contaminated?

Having your own private water source is a great thing, but with that comes the responsibility to make sure the water coming out of it is clean and drinkable. In order to maintain the quality ..

Hydraulic System Basics

Hydraulic systems work on a simple principle: force is applied at one point, and is transmitted to another point via an incompressible fluid. That hydraulic fluid is a blend of oils, and even the simplest ..

The Domer’s Retail Store Has What You Need

Domer’s has established itself as the premier industrial and agricultural supply and fabrication company in the Okeechobee area for nearly a century, but our services don’t end there. When you need parts or supplies at ..

Well Water System Repair and Replacement

Many folks in and around Okeechobee rely on a well to provide clean, safe water to their homes. Though it often goes without thought, a water well requires maintenance, like any other appliance, in order ..