The Domer’s Retail Store Has What You Need

Domer’s has established itself as the premier industrial and agricultural supply and fabrication company in the Okeechobee area for nearly a century, but our services don’t end there. When you need parts or supplies at ..

Well Water System Repair and Replacement

Many folks in and around Okeechobee rely on a well to provide clean, safe water to their homes. Though it often goes without thought, a water well requires maintenance, like any other appliance, in order ..

Commonly Asked Well-Drilling Questions

The idea of drilling a water well on your property can be intimidating, and it’s always best to take advantage of the tools and knowledge that an experienced well-driller has to offer. Here are answers ..

Selecting a Home Water Treatment System

Most tap and well water in the US contains some level of contamination from industrial or environmental pollution. Whether the water comes from a lake, river, or well, it can always benefit from being purified. ..

Protecting Hydraulic Hoses from Abrasion

Hydraulic hoses often operate in extreme conditions, and up to 70% of hose failures are a result of abrasion and external damage, much of which can be prevented. Hydraulic hoses that are subjected to friction ..

Florida Water Treatment Systems

Clean drinking water is one of the most critical parts of living a healthy life, and having a home water purification system is beneficial for many reasons. It is recommended to drink at least 64 ..